Ideas to enhance the value of your home

Enhance the value of your home

Changing and enhancing a home’s exterior can also be done on a low budget, it will improve the look and value of the building. It is very important to do it carefully and proper planning is a must.

If your home has a cladding of mismatching bricks or a mixture of different external materials, you can replace it and re-finish the walls using a different material to create a modern look. There are many shades available, the cheapest option is to make use of masonry paint in a neutral shade. It will usually cost around few hundred pounds. the handling cost will include many things like Laminate cladding, tiles, metal, brick slips, Masonry paint etc.

It is important to choose the cladding, you can also get new and aged samples to see and examine the results like how the home will look freshly clad and a few months later. Permission and approval must be taken for the extensions to be built especially when you are looking for a contrasting cladding, it is must take prior planning consent.

Windows are considered to be the eyes of the house, a change in them can alter your property’s whole personality. You can change the style of your window frames, alter the shape or size of the window openings this will give a completely new look to the house.  There is no need to get planning permission. The most common method and affordable method is to get new windows direct from a manufacturer DIY supplier or from online.

Adding an extension will give a modern look to the house and will hugely impact the appearance.  It is little expensive, but adding a porch or a bay window will add more character to the exterior. It will improve the architectural style. Extensions like rear loft conversions, extensions and some two-storey rear extensions may not need planning permission for certain designs.

Adding a garden to the house will add more beauty and greenery. You can consider addition gardens both front and back. You can select a planting scheme based on the home’s exterior. You can also opt for cottage garden foliage if you want to keep the look more traditional.

Adding a porch on the front of your house will enhance the house and will provide additional practical storage space indoors. Choose a perfect design, make sure the porch is constructed in a style. It must be matching with the original architecture and in proportion to the size of the house.It is classy to have the natural light that flows through your existing front door. It will increase the daylight.