Top kitchen design trends 2022

kitchen design 2022

As we enter the New Year, a new kitchen may be the fresh start you are looking for. For many the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s where family gather together and where we entertain friends, so making any changes to the space is a big deal. Whilst you should make decisions on your new kitchen based on personal taste, looking at the kitchen design trends of 2022 can provide you with some new and fashionable ideas.

The Trends


  • Muted green – In 2022 mid-tone greens will be making an appearance, which pair perfectly with timeless neutrals. If you’re looking for an open, airy feel within your kitchen, the muted green can provide this whilst still being hardwearing.
  • Browns – A vast range of shades from chocolate to camels can be paired as a neutral with other bolder colours. A tip: choose a colour other than orange to pair with brown to keep your kitchen in 2022 rather than 1970!
  • Bold colours – As we move in to 2022, people will be gravitating away from the neutrals that have been everywhere the last few years and towards vibrant colours. These colours include citrus green and RAF blue, as well as many more.


Marble will continue to be seen more and more in kitchens in 2022. The stone will feature on counter tops and walls. White or cream marble is a great contrast to the brighter colours that are featuring in kitchens this year.

Seamless backsplash and countertops

Using the same material, such as marble, for the backsplash and countertop creates a seamless, slick look. It creates a very modern look which could be perfect for brining your kitchen in to 2022.


When deciding what to use for your new seamless backsplash and countertops, tiles are another great option. In 2022 tiles will be unique, with interesting textures and dimensions.


In 2022, kitchen appliances should be both high tech and customisable.

Customisable – Kitchen appliances should be fit for purpose and fit for future kitchen plans. They should also be customisable to allow you to make kitchen changes without having to replace them completely.

High tech – Features such as wifi connectivity, touch screens and voice control will become more common place in kitchen appliances. The kitchen of 2022 will be a high-tech space where appliances can be controlled from anywhere in the kitchen or even outside of the kitchen.


Whilst some of the colours and patterns that will feature in 2022 kitchens are far from minimalistic, aspects such as units and islands will be minimalistic. These kitchens will feature straight lines and polished details.

Expanding your space

A great way to create space for a new kitchen is with wrap around extensions. A wrap around extension is built on to a property that has alleyway space leading to the back of the property. This allows for the space to be expanded in a L shape, around the side and back of the house.

As well as creating more room for your dream kitchen, a wrap around extension can:

  • Allow more light to enter your home
  • Create better connection to your garden
  • Provide more design options

These kitchen extensions not only create extra kitchen space, but they can also extend living spaces. The kitchen becomes less of a place to cook and more a kitchen/dining room combination.

Before you start a kitchen design project, it is important to understand that kitchen design isn’t just about looks, kitchen planning should involve careful consideration of kitchen layout and functionality.

So now you have a little insight into what kitchen design trends may be coming our way in 2022, it’s time to take the leap of renovating your kitchen!